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The easiest way to book your child an appointment is by phoning 07536 399 720 You will speak to Dr Epstein's PA Hayley Watson who will arrange the most convenient time and place and explain exactly where your appointment will be.


If your GP has not already sent a referral letter to us, please just bring the letter with you on the day of the appointment. 


When you arrive our Paediatric Nurses will weigh and measure your child. After the consultation your child's condition and all treatment options will be discussed with you in full. If any tests are required in many cases these can be done straight away, for example blood tests or X-rays. The details of the consultation will be summarised in a clinical letter which will be sent to you shortly after the appointment.

We work within a strong network of specialist Dieticians, Psychologists, Speech and language therapists and Paediatric Allergists. If your child would benefit from care within this network, the appropriate referral can be made.

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